This service is from the Detroit Free Press: See Obama in Yourself



2 responses to “Creepy?

  1. How perfect is this? Because, after all, we just voted in the mirror…

    Mark Steyn had an hilarious article about John Kerry after he’d lost in 2004. He said that Republicans could not have picked a more cartoonish version of the effete, monied, self-obsessed, arrogant, double-talking europhile to represent the American Left if they’d tasked Karl Rove to do it, which, of course, eventually led to accusations of that very thing. If the Republicans were only as clever as they’re always accused of being…

    But in Obama, they finally found their perfect candidate: the complete cypher, so vague in every respect that Dems could simply project their conceptions of themselves directly onto him! It’s interesting to see the press so brazenly admitting as much.

    • That’s the kicker. This “service” is not from the Daily Kos or some far left corner of the internet universe. It’s the Detroit Free Press. Granted the editorials leave no one in any doubt about the political leanings of that news organization but it is “mainstream,” if you will. I still hear from folks who dismiss all this as, “He will do politics in a new way, different from the past. People are just excited, that’s all.” Nominating tax cheats (it’s plural now!) for high government positions (who are then passed by both Dems and GOP. GRRRRR!!!!), pushing a pork bill and how about that handling of the ice storm in Kentucky? SNOOZE….because we hope to see something great in us in Obama or is it in Obama in us?

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