Happy Birthday, Hubby!!!

It’s a balmy 25 F outside and Hubby is celebrating the BIG 3-something. I got him a DVD of Planet Terror (I LOVE the Machete trailer in the beginning.) and assorted clothing items. (Yup…BORING!)

Later today, I’ll take him to see Grand Torino and then we’ll meet up with the family to dine at the BEST PUB EVER, O’Connor’s, in Worcester.

I was hoping to scan a photo of Hubby taken when he was a young pup, but he hid it on me. I think it had to do with what these gentlemen have in common:

Mullet Mania!!!

Mullet Mania!!!


So, I’ll have to put up this more recent pic:

Happy B-Day! Love You!

Happy B-Day! Love You!


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