Happy 5-0!

Recently, Hubby and I celebrated the 50th birthday of Hubby’s uncle. AARP is on the ball because Uncle received his AARP membership invite months before his half century mark. Now he can receive his AARP magazine, which, from what I can tell, is just like any other major circulation pop-culture magazine but with more ads for stair lifts, male hair transplants and Viagra.

To celebrate the big 5-0, I designed a mock-up of an AARP cover and framed it. Uncle liked it and that’s all that matters. Note: I clumsily blocked out Uncle’s last name.

What a smile!

What a smile!


2 responses to “Happy 5-0!

  1. That’s funny about the AARP invite. My hubby just started getting his invites and he doesn’t hit 50 until July. They really want members. No problem, we can use the discounts.


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