Where Ya Been?

I didn’t fall off the face of the earth. I’ve been watching each new day dawn over the United States of Obama. It’s all Unicorn Tails and Pixie Dust!!!

Really, I’ve just been keeping warm, doing a lot of baking and visiting friends. (I like this “retirement” thing.) The highlight of the week was visiting my old college buds down in Manchester, CT, the city that feels like a village or is it the village that feels like a city. I don’t remember exactly but I do recall that Manchester is called SILK CITY. (Sounds a bit kinky, doesn’t it!?!)

Exotic dancing aside, Silk City got it’s nome from the Cheney Brothers who were the kindly, wealthy silk manufacturers that made Manchester the city (or is it village?!?) it is today. If George Bailey had actually made money from his crummy Building & Loan, and his self-centered brother, Harry, stuck around, they would have been the Cheney Brothers. LIBRARIES! PARKS! OFFICE BUILDINGS! CUTE WORKER COTTAGES! I’m surprised Manchester wasn’t renamed Cheney City (or is it Cheney Village?!?) But that would have been too “Potterville” for these real life George Baileys.

A work of art

A work of art

My buds live in a real, honest to goodness mansion that had something to do with the Cheneys. Today the impressive abode has been split into very cool apartments. The wood work and flooring are first class and (this is going to sound odd) the door knobs and hinges are works of art. Don’t believe me? That’s one on the left.

The college buds are doing peachy keen in the Nutmeg State. They’ve been loving parents to their new son, Nico, who is as cute as a button and is a remarkably, unfussy baby. (Knock on wood!) I LOVE this pic of Mom and Son:


The Buds took Hubby and me to Corey’s Catsup & Mustard, situated on Main Street, just past the PRAYER TOWER. (Don’t ask.) The place is known for their pleasingly large hamburgers. Each hamburger was skewered with a gigantic steak knife. These knives would have made Lizzie Borden green with envy.

It was such a lovely visit and I think we overstayed (the guests who don’t leave – ARGH!!!) but it was long overdue. On the way home, we saw cars swerve to avoid a mattress boxspring in the middle of Route 384. Exciting!

Check out the pics (including the Prayer Tower and those Borden knives) on Flickr.

BTW: Wishing New Mother GOOD LUCK this week!!! She’s off to Hollywood to compete on Jeopardy!


3 responses to “Where Ya Been?

  1. We loved having you guys here… and no, you didn’t overstay your welcome. I just succumbed to the Lizzie Borden Burger and the rigors of parenthood a little early. 😉

    Glad you found so many photo-worthy details around town. Come back soon and take some more!

  2. In no way did you two overstay! It was, as you say, long overdue! I loved the photos–you really do have that compositional eye.

  3. Your friend is trying out for Jeopardy? That is tooo coool. I love that show. Let me know how she does!!

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