All Hail the Paparazzi President

Keep it classy!

Keep it classy!

Seriously, I’m giving the incoming president more respect than most Democrats are giving the departing one. I didn’t vote for Obama but I wish him the best. (I hope his administration lasts only four years.)

I’ll be watching the swearing-in ceremony because it is historic. The historian in me loves that kind of stuff.

But, people, keep in mind: Obama is a politician, not a messiah. Messiahs fall farther and harder.


6 responses to “All Hail the Paparazzi President

  1. I’ll speak for myself here; I’m well aware that Barack Obama is human and will make his own mistakes. My excitement is in having a leader who has demonstrated not only the willingness to lead, but also to consider opposing viewpoints, take into account the concerns of an entire populace (not just people who donated to a campaign or whose businesses stand to grow fat and arrogant under governmental coddling) — and the ability to inspire people. That last one gets misinterpreted as vagueness, soaring rhetoric and selling snake-oil — but I really believe that Americans want to be inspired… and once they are, they can do anything.

    Nobody thinks Obama is really the Messiah… I think people are just exhausted from eight years of fear and failure being reinforced and capitalized-upon by government, and are responding perhaps overly-vigorously to signs of hope. As long as the man himself doesn’t accept the title of “Paparazzi President” (it’s the press, after all, who are lionizing him for the rest of us), I’m able to look past the hype and see what I consider to be a potentially strong leader.

    George W. stopped deserving respect for his decisions (or were they Cheney’s?) somewhere around 2002. The next six years were just the festering process in action. And it’s pretty clear (27% approval rating on exit) that it wasn’t just Democrats who were ready for him to go.

    • I hope you’re right, A.

      I find the aura surrounding Obama disturbing (and worthy of poking fun). If Bush had nominated a tax cheat for Treasury Secretary he would have received a pounding. (“It’s an honest mistake” would not have been accepted by the media.) If Bush had nominated a lobbyist from Raytheon for Deputy Defense Secretary one day after signing an Executive Order banning lobbyists in his administration, again a pounding would have ensued. If a group of college students posted a YouTube video pledging alligence, not to the USA, but personally to President Bush (similar to that celebrity video for Obama), they would have been denounced as whack jobs.

      Believe me, I won’t be touting a “F**K Obama” bumper sticker on my car. But I will be noting the incredible double standard that will be applied to Obama. And no amount of exhausion excuses a free pass from the majority of the Fourth Estate.

      Regardless of your MSNBC ethos, I still love ya, A!!! 🙂

  2. There were PLENTY of people posting all sorts of pro-Bush nonsense during the last eight years… I disregarded that in exactly the same way I’m disregarding the pro-Obama nonsense now.

    But not every show of support or enthusiasm is nonsense, and frankly, all this heavy-handed cynicism about government gets tiring. Someone has to lead the country, and the most recent person to do so wasn’t exactly gifted in leadership. I’m keeping my eyes open like everybody else as Obama begins shaping his presidency, but I’m not going to start out cynical, because I perceive that he’s a very different sort of leader, and I think he can help put this country back on a better track.

    If you want to spend your time poking fun, that’s your business. I’m certainly not trying to change your mind. But I hear a lot of media-reinforced suspicion in your voice — call it a “Fox News” ethos if you like — so please do me a favor and don’t assign a cable-news mentality to me without first scrutinizing where you’re getting your own information… and how willing you are to get information from opposing sources. Deal?

  3. You forgot Al-Jazeera and the Onion. 😉

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