Fakin’ Palin

O.K….I still love Sarah Palin. And that’s NEVER going to change. I’ve noticed that the media is still using her as a whipping post and the comedians are making the same jokes and giving Tina Fey awards and plaudits for her impersonation. (It has nothing to do with 30 Rock, BTW.)

My new favorite blog is Big Hollywood, a spot where that supposed rare bird, the conservative entertainment worker (regardless of where they rank on the pecking order), can discuss their industry with like-minded folks. Political comedian, Tim Slagle wrote about Tina Fey’s take down and the need for conservatives to take the comedic reigns, as well. Read the article, but the money quote comes at the end:

Meanwhile, Obama is completely untouchable. The Late Night writers (who are mostly all Harvard alumni) are less than a week away from a new Administration, and still making fun of Governor Palin, and President Bush. They haven’t seemed this starved for material, since the airlines stopped serving food. Whether it’s fear of perceived racism, or simple idol worship, there have been few Obama jokes aired.

I don’t like that. Because a President you cannot make fun of, is not a President.

It is a dictator.


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