More Than Meets the Eye

schroederI always liked the Peanuts comic strip and Hubby loves them, too. And who DOESN’T adore the Charlie Brown Christmas Special?!? Now it looks like Peanut’s creator, Charles Schulz, added a hidden depth to the strip. It seems Schroeder’s Beethoven obsession crafted the rhythm of the story telling.

When Schroeder pounded on his piano, his eyes clenched in a trance, the notes floating above his head were no random ink spots dropped into the key of G. Schulz carefully chose each snatch of music he drew and transcribed the notes from the score. More than an illustration, the music was a soundtrack to the strip, introducing the characters’ state of emotion, prompting one of them to ask a question or punctuating an interaction.

The whole thing is explained at the “Schulz’s Beethoven: Schroeder’s Muse,” an exhibition at the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center. Read the whole article at the NYT site.

Finally, there’s a reason to visit California.

H/T: The Deacon’s Bench

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