Mistaken Identity

About two years ago, my Mother-In-Law took a trip into Boston with a friend. They headed over to the Italian neighborhood, the North End. They entered one of the numerous bakeries strung along Hanover Street and the place was more packed than usual because of a particular patron, the mayor of Boston, Tom Menino.

Not a shy woman, Mother-In-Law walked up to the mayor, shook his hand and said:

It’s nice to meet you, Mayor Giuliani.


4 responses to “Mistaken Identity

  1. That is wrong on so many levels… Funny, though!!

  2. Hey …at least I knew he was in politics#*?!

  3. Oh, no, no criticism intended!! I was just thinking that for Mumbles to be mistaken as Rudy imparts on him greatness which he not only doesn’t deserve, but which puts his own failures in stark contrast. It’s like seeing Jimmy Carter and saying “Nice to meet you, President Reagan!”
    I just hope your comment rings in his ears for a long time…

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