Monk Stuff

On Saturday Hubby and I wanted to get out of the house. So we hopped into our sporty Matrix and motored south along Route 31. I had been itching to visit the St. Joseph’s Abbey gift shop and that’s what we did.

This place (probably) contains one of the largest catholic bookstores in the area and they have the coolest religious gear. Crucifixes. Medals. Handpainted Icons. Music. And FOOD. The St. Joseph Abbey (trappist) monks make their own preserves. (Note: I’m a label reader and I was bummed that most of their jellies have high fructose corn syrup. Can monks eat that stuff?) They also sell products from other monastaries like chocolate, coffee, and cheese. GOOD STUFF!

In the end Hubby and I bought a little plastic container for holy water and a bottle of Trappist “Hot Pepper Jelly” (with no HFCS). I love pottery and these monks make their own vases, bowls, and cups. I purchased their “monk mug.”  They had me at mug.

Is this cool or what?

Is this cool or what?

There was a real, live monk manning the register. Father Tom was his name, but with his Germanic accent, it’s most likely Tomas. I got a kick that over his traditional trappist robes, Tom/Tomas wore a L.L. Bean fleece vest.

As Hubby and I were walking back to the Matrix, we spotted a monk getting out of his car and enter the shop. If you’re curious, he drove a Ford.


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