Bailout Culture

monopolyguyWhere’s my bailout?

Every week, a different American-based industry: financial, auto, universities (are they an industry?) and now porn (they need a HAND?), asks Congress this same question. How can screw-up companies get away with a government rescue?

Sometime screw-ups happen to us through no fault of our own. Sometimes we need to take the blame for screw-ups. But we, as individuals, have come to expect a bailout when we screw up.

Where am I going with this?

I started thinking about the bailout culture when I saw a bailout connection between three of my current, fave reality t.v. shows.

Show #1: Clean House, Style Network

The Clean House crew help out a family/couple/individual with cleaning out the MASSIVE clutter that swamped the home. When I say MASSIVE, I mean MASSIVE. You wonder how one family/couple/person could collect so much crap that it’s impossible to walk through each room. The crew collects the items, sells it at a yard sale, and whatever cash is collected goes toward remodeling some of the rooms. The remodeling is pretty cool.

Screw-up: Sloth

Bailout/Reward: MASSIVE clutter is gone, new furniture, remodeled 2-3 rooms

Show #2: How Clean is Your Home, BBC America

Kim and Aggie are two British neat freaks out to clean up the UK (and now they are in the US). They help family/couple/individual clean their DISGUSTING abode. One episode featured an American woman, in her late-20s, who owned one cat. JUST ONE CAT. There was cat crap and throwup EVERYWHERE. She never cleaned her place in THREE YEARS. There was even cat crap on her bed. She explained that she grew up on a farm, so the crap didn’t bother her. Be amazed how a room can be transformed by JUST CLEANING IT.

Screw-up: Sloth (again!)

Bailout/Reward: Professional cleaning crew do their thing for the ENTIRE house. The cleaning operation would cost thousands.

Show #3: Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, BBC America

I’ve written about this show. Basically, UK’s top-chef/restaurateur Gordon Ramsay helps out an eatery (usually) on the verge of closing. The owner (usually) doesn’t know the first thing about running a restaurant. Gordon uses his expertise  and well-worn phrasology to get the place back on track.

Screw-up: Ignorance

Bailout/Reward: A place, which should have closed due to incompetance due to owner ignorance, receives a FREE consultant (tops in his field) and, in the US version, the eatery receives a remodel and new sign.

Now that I think about it…I’ll convince Hubby to let the house go to pot. Clean House is looking for the messiest home in the country. We could get some new furniture… I don’t really want to work for it.


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