One Freakin’ Year

Today is our one year wedding anniversary. Can you believe it?!? It has gone by so fast. I want to hold onto every day and not let go. That’s not possible, so I have to make every day count. Hubby is everything and more in a husband. Whatever I prayed for in qualities I want in a husband, God gave over and above in the man I married.

What will we do to celebrate? We just got back from OUR breakfast place, Bickford’s (pronounced: BikFIDs) and, for dinner, we’ll head over to our favorite pub ever, O’Connor’s. It’s ALL GOOD!!!

We're as happy as Kip and LaFawnda

We're as happy as Kip and LaFawnda


5 responses to “One Freakin’ Year

  1. Iiiiiiiiii love technology…

  2. OH!! And Happy Anniversary!!

    Sweet merciful crap, how can it have been a year?!?!

  3. As happy as Kip & LaFawnduh? Now THAT’S happy! : )

  4. It’s all in the genes and his mom has alot to do with it!!!! Happy Anniversary Tim and Kim!

  5. Love you both!!!!! Happy 1st!!!!!!

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