Facebook, Schmacebook

O.K….I just joined Facebook. I put up a basic profile and immediately received a list of “potential” friends. You know, friends I haven’t talked to in twenty years or so. And I realized…I don’t really want to talk to them now.

Does that make me a bad person?


2 responses to “Facebook, Schmacebook

  1. It’s a two-edged sword. You’re either contacted by folks you’ve avoided for years, or you reach out to people who have no interest in hearing from you. It’s a huge shot to the self-esteem, either way.

    I can’t log on at work, and don’t use the computer at home, though I keep getting “friend” invites from people. I’m not sure that I’m unhappy not being on it… what’s that, a triple-negative?

  2. No….I did the same thing. I joined my highschool site. I thought I was gald I did. But I honestly don’t think I care to correspond. Maybe it will depend on who wants to correspond with me…….

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