Old Man Winter

Here in central Massachusetts, it’s the third day in the row of snow! It’s lightly snowing now but it’s suppose to ramp up in volume as the day drags on. YIPPEE!!! 

Hubby is still fighting his head cold/flu/whatever-it-is. Yesterday he went into work and completely lost his voice. Getting smart, he called in sick today. But the good news is his mucus has turned from yellow to green, which means it’s breaking up. Hopefully he’ll be good to go for Christmas.

Enjoy the snow!!!

Old Man Winter!!!

Old Man Winter


2 responses to “Old Man Winter

  1. Yellow to green… great?

    We ended up with another foot – at least – at our place. My parents in Southern Central NH still don’t have their power back. They’re on their second generator, thankfully. I can see everyone having one eventually. Soon there will be no “grid”!

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