Sick House

Me feeding Hubby and our Undocumented Servant

Me feeding Hubby and our Undocumented Servant

Yesterday Hubby came home all out of sorts: headache, sore throat, swollen glands, and a “needles and pins” sensation. I went out to stock up on Nyquil (my FAVORITE OTC ever) and Chloraseptic. Needless to say, Hubby is home today recuperating. I love it went when Hubby is sick because it so rarely happens and he’s a man about it. Sometimes too much so…

Me: Hon, do you want some tea?

Hubby: I’ll make it.

Me: Hon, do you want a blanket?

Hubby: I’ll get it.

It’s like he’s never sick, even when he is sick. I’m SO not that way. Case in point:

Today, I was planning on running in St. Cecilia’s. Ya know, one last run before the BIG storm comes. So anyway, I’m in the kitchen cleaning my awesome cast iron skillet, I turned the wrong way and, next thing, I’m doubled over saying a few choice swear words under my breath. It feels like a huge knot has entangled itself in the muscles in the lower right side of my back, near the hip. Hubby says to lie down on the couch and he makes a warm compress to place over the lower back. Sigh…what a man. (My back is better but not for running. Hubby’s feeling better, too!)

For doing that lovely act of “For Better or Worse,” I made him a batch of homemade soup. Here’s the recipe and stay warm:

Noodle Soup (AKA Homemade Ramen Noodles)

3 fistfuls of Udon Noodles

5 Cups Vege Broth (or chicken or beef broth. Whatever floats your boat.)

3 Cloves Garlic, chopped or minced


Cook the Udon Noodles in boiling water for three minutes. Don’t overcook. Place noodles in a colander and strain using cold water. Place aside.

In the pot that you’ll make the soup, place some olive oil and sautee the garlic over medium heat until garlic is golden. Add the broth. Bring the broth to boil. Add some salt. Taste and adjust seasonings if necessary. (Add whatever you’d like.) Put the cooked noodles into the broth and set to simmer for a minute or two. Serve.



3 responses to “Sick House

  1. Ooh, that sick “needles and pins” sensation is the worst!! I have a vague, fever-memory of that from when I was a kid. My fingers felt like knives and I couldn’t sleep. Glad to hear you’re both feeling better!

    And I may try that soup. I’ll just add a little sausage… 😉

  2. I get that huge knot in my lower back, too, except on my left side, and the heat helps me, too. Glad you’re both feeling a bit better!

    That soup sounds awesome!

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