Holding My Breath

Yesterday, Hubby and I drove down Route 12 through Sterling and West Boylston. Boy, they got slammed by the ice storm. Huge limbs were strewn all along the road. I didn’t see any home damage but there were many “close calls.” Our destination was O’Connor’s Pub in Worcester. Due to the power outtage, they were closed Friday and Saturday nights. When we were there the cable was still out. Actually, it was nice NOT having the large screen t.v. glaring down. Not that the sound is turned up ever but it made people TALK to each other. Ya know?

Hold your breath! Snow's comin'!

Hold your breath! Snow's comin'!

This morning I spent my time cleaning and doing laundry. Now I’m drinking a bit of Egg Nogg and cruising the Net. And what do I find? What shock!!! More snow is coming to New England. Yikes. Imagine having no electricity and heat and now there’s a snow storm coming. It’s been a miserable week for many. Keep them in your prayers.


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