Ice, Ice, Baby

Yah, so Hubby and I lived through the Ice Storm of 2008. We didn’t lose power or heat but we did lose cable t.v. for 24 hours. Just imagine living without Ghost Adventures or Paranormal State. Oh, the humanity!

O.K., it wasn't THIS big.

O.K., it wasn't THIS big.

The craziest storm-related incident occurred Friday night. Resigned to a night without Ghost Adventures, Hubby and I sat by the glow of the Christmas tree, drinking tea when suddenly we heard an explosion in the woods off to the left of our condo. I swear! It was an honest-to-goodness EXPLOSION, followed by several loud pops. Our holiday lights flickered but remained on. We figured that a tree or the hard rain damaged the unmanned electric power station situated in the direction of the explosion. We never heard any sirens or saw any flames. Freaky.

The other storm related incident happened at Mass. By Saturday night, downtown Leominster was still dark. The church (which Hubby and I are just starting to attend) lies north of downtown and was without power, as well. Before this Gaudete mass, I thought, “How cool! To have mass in the dark with candles…excellent.” It would be like midnight mass, but without the midnight. Except, it wasn’t cool. Skipping the procession, the priest and attendants just took their place around the altar in a haphazard fashion. The priest announced, “To get you all home before dark, we will keep the mass short. We’ll skip the homily, Creed, and intercessions.” Huh?!?  The third advent candle wasn’t even lit. It could have been so reverent and worshipful. We could have pretended to be early Christians worshipping in the catacombs. The place was packed, so it seemed to me people wouldn’t have minded a “real” mass. Less than 30 minutes later, Hubby and I left in a cranky mood. I don’t think we’ll be making this church our permanent place of worship. Doh!

I took a few pictures of the area around our condo when the rain stopped. Take a look on Flickr.


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