The Three Stooges

As you know, Hubby and I are all about Ghost Hunters on Wednesday nights and now our Friday nights are fully booked for Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. The title of this blog entry isn’t about Moe, Larry and Curly but about Ghost Adventurers: Zak, Nick and Aaron.

Nick, Zak, Aaron

The new Three Stooges: Nick, Zak, Aaron

The premise of the show is that the Threesome get locked into a haunted house, asylum, Masonic Lodge, mine, etc., for a whole night without a camera crew following them. Each man carries his own video equipment. (TAKE THAT GHOST HUNTERS!!!) They do capture some neat paranormal evidence like shadow hands and EVPs that say “hello” and “die.” Cool stuff.

The real entertainment value of the show is the Ghost Adventurers themselves. Clearly the leader of the group is Zak (without the “c”). He’s loaded with lots of hair gel, tight fitting shirts, and a voice that rises at least two octaves when frightened, which happens at least once per episode. I fondly remember one incident when Zak (no “c”) provoked a spirit to attack him. Guess what? Zak (absolutely no “c”) received a number of scatches on his lower back. Now, the really amusing part was his reaction. Zak (sans “c”) screamed, “Who did this to me?” in a whiny, six year old tone. He lifted his body hugging shirt numerous times to show off his scratches and well developed abs. Love it!

Nick follows Zak’s (too cool for “c”) lead and usually loses it during investigations. It was fun watching him run from a haunted bathroom looking as if he just wet his pants. In a recent episode his buddies placed Nick in an insane asylum morgue drawer to see if a spirit of a previous inhabitant would contact him. So poor Nick is locked in a container designed for dead bodies (ie. no need for air holes) while the other two stooges investigated elsewhere. It’s nearly an hour later when the two stooges realized they left poor Nick in an airtight space and they themselves were lost. Great T.V.

Aaron is blessed with a face fit for radio. He doesn’t get a whole lot of airtime but I’m sure that we will see more of him in the future. (One can only hope.)

Of the two paranormal shows, I still love Ghost Hunters best mostly because they are professional. Though to their credit, Ghost Adventures is way more hilarious. To find out for yourselves, GA is on the Travel Channel Friday nights at 9 p.m. with an encore presentation following at 10 p.m.


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