The Big Kiss Off

gbkI apologize for the silence during the past few days. I’m leaving my job today. I’ve been doing this gig in different ways and means for the last nine years. No, I didn’t get fired or laid off. I won’t go into detail since Hubby still works there but a moment comes when it’s time to leave and now is that moment.

I have fond memories of the place; it’s where I met my husband. About 4 years ago his mustache was longish; it curled at the end looking like a modified handlebar. I’m a Civil War aficianado, so one of the first words I ever said to him was:

ME (smiling): Are you a civil war reenactor?

HIM (with a straight face): No. Why do you ask?

I felt as if I just asked an obese woman when she’s due and she’s not. GULP. But it worked out in the end.

There are other good experiences but they were becoming fewer and farther between. I was sentimental a few weeks ago but now I’m excited. Do I have a job lined up? No. I’m fortunate that I don’t need to find something right away. Who knows what the future may hold but I have a supportive husband and many other blessings in my life. I’ll keep you posted!


One response to “The Big Kiss Off

  1. Wow, that’s big news, Kim. Congratulations? Yes, congratulations! This is a new, scary, exciting chapter — best wishes! Sending hugs your way…

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