Worth the Time

ObrienMichael O’Brien is a catholic Canadian author and painter. Full confession: I have not read any of his novels except for some essays, which are very impressive in their depth and reasoning. Recently he has written, Newsletter Regarding Barack Obama and the Question of the Anti-Christ,  which will take a few minutes of your time but is worth every moment. I know the word “Anti-Christ” may raise some eyebrows but O’Brien does not make that claim. Please read the whole thing. A quote:

And why, most horribly, most shamefully, are so many Christians of malformed or unformed conscience supporting him? Is it because they have never been clearly instructed in the truth, never understood the foundation upon which the moral cosmos is built? Is morality for them merely another system of abstract “values” in a crowded playing field of such systems, from which one may pick and choose?

H/T: Vultus Christi


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