The Day After

Last night when Ohio went blue, I said to Hubby, “I need to call someone!” So I called the only remaining republicans left in Maine, Susie Songbird and her hubby, That Guy Joel. We just shook our collective heads in defeat. At least they can celebrate the repeal of the state beverage tax.

Waking up with a slight headache and parched lips, (Darn Emmets!) I can face an Obama presidency. What I can’t face:

HeadacheBarney Frank was reelected!?!

John Murtha was reelected!?!

Massachusetts keeps the state income tax!?!

This headache I have isn’t just an Emmets one.


One response to “The Day After

  1. I feel your pain, Kimba…and I didn’t drink a drop. Thanks again for calling – it was great to commiserate with a kindred spirit. Hugs!

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