The Day!!!



It was a gorgeous early, spring day for voting; lower-60’s and sunny. I ate a light breakfast (frozen waffles with coffee) and Hubby awoke at  9 a.m. There was all sorts of news about long lines at the polls, so Hubby wanted to do that first thing. We drove down the road to the local Fraternal Order of Eagles lodge to vote. The parking lot held a healthy amount of cars and the political signs were for the local campaigns; not a McCain or Obama sign to be seen.

I dressed in funky mode: my “Sarah Palin Vice President” brown, long-sleeved t-shirt was hidden by my brown, Anthropologie sweater. I slipped on my Sport Kilt with Ireland Forever tartan and Doc Martens boots. I capped it off with a red McCain Palin knitted hat.

My Illegal Hat

My Illegal Hat

It was easy to find a parking spot. The Eagles Lodge was busy but not over whelming. While the polling volunteer was looking up my address (never asking to see my ID, BTW. I had my driver’s license out and available just in case.), another polling volunteer asked me to take off my McCain Palin hat. She never said why and I complied. (Compare that to the Black Panther dudes standing outside a Philadelphia polling station with Billy Clubs in their hands. Whatever.)

Both Hubby and I voted:

Question 1: Elimination of the State Income Tax: Yes!!!

Question 2: Decrimilization of marijauna: NO

Question 3: Eliminate Greyhound Racing in MA: NO

Also, we voted Jeff Beatty (R) for Senate, Nate Bech (R) for Representative, and Claire Freda (unenrolled) for state Rep. I refused to vote for the unopposed Democrats running for other offices.

So, yes, I’m a Republican shill…I admit it.

JRK watching over O'Connor's bar

JFK watching over O'Connor's bar.

After voting, Hubby and I jogged in St.Cecilia’s cemetery for 2 1/2 miles and then headed over to O’Connor’s for some pints and their most excellent Butternut Squash soup.

Since then we’ve had a few Weyerbecher Imperial Pumpkin Ales and plan to watch Fox News for a few hours.

Life is Good.


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  1. Love the Illegal Hat!!!!

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