The Day Before

Hubby and I will have a relaxing day; just doing some minor errands, go for a run, and visit Mother-in-Law. (Happy Birthday, Linda!!!) Of course, all anticipation is for tomorrow. Our polling place is just down the road from our home, so we’ll head over late morning to cast our vote. After doing our patriotic duty, we’ll motor to our favorite watering hole, O’Connor’s, in Worcester for some liquid nourishment.

In the evening, we plan to watch the returns. If it looks like a McCain win, we will uncork a bottle of champagne that was given to us at our wedding reception. (There was no card or anything attached to it. So if are the wedding guest who never received a thank you card for the bubbly, THANK YOU!!! And let us know who you are.) If it’s looking like a Obama victory, we will empty a bottle of Bushmill’s Irish Whiskey. (The Irish know a thing or two about pain and misery.)

I’ll be bringing my camera with me to the polling place and capturing the political action around town. If there is anything interesting, I’ll publish it here. Go out and vote!


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