Return to La La Land, Part 2

Nice set piece in Williamstown

Nice set piece in Williamstown

From North Adams, we headed into Williamstown. There would be no Williamstown without Williams College. Beautiful (empty?) gothic and New England clapboard churches line the main road through campus. We parked (again making sure our McCain sticker was not easily seen) and walked around the Thai restaurants and coffee bars. The campus is a mix of traditional academic brick buildings and more modern structures, assuring alumni that Williams is moving into the 21st century.

After assessing that our Matrix was o.k., we headed down Route 7 to our lodging, The 1896 House Country Inn. We stayed in the Brookside building, one of those one-story, 1940’s/’50s, roadside places that’s been renovated very nicely. The Inn has it’s own pub, the 6 House Pub. The atmosphere was relaxing but the food was disappointing. Hubby and I ordered the Butternut Squash Soup, which reminded me of corn meal batter. But the real disappointment was the beer. The pub has a whole selection of Berkshire Brewing Company  (BBC) beers on tap and they offer 22 oz mugs. That’s all good, right? The taps had so much nitrogen that the beers (which I have quaffed in the past) were fizzy like soda and left my tongue tingling long after the beer traveled past my gullet. Too bad.

We crawled back to our Brookside room, climbed into our 4 poster bed, slept off the batter and fizzy drinks, eagerly anticipating the next day of climbing Mt. Greylock. Part 3 coming soon…


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