As Otis Is My Witness: A True Elevator Story

North Face Fashion

North Face Fashion

I paid my parking fee at Post Office Square Garage in Boston and walked over to the elevator. A woman, clothed in North Face fashion, was already in the elevator holding the doors for me. I smiled and said a quick thanks. My level was already selected so I stepped back to the opposite corner. North Face Woman said, “Anything for an Obama supporter.” My mind reeled in confusion until I realized she mistook my “NObama” pin for the real thing.

I recovered and said, “oh, yeah.” I was going to inform her of my Darth Vader ways until I realized I was in an enclosed space with no escape. North Face Woman replied, “I suppose I would have kept the door open for a McCain supporter, too.” Sliding my Eastern Mountain Sport bag with NObama pin safely out of view,  I nodded and smiled.

We both stepped out on Level 2. North Face Woman turned left and I turned right. (Seriously!) Walking toward my Matrix, I was dread stricken.

What if North Face Woman saw me driving with my McCain Palin bumper sticker? (Cue Psycho theme song.)

Faster than Ben Johnson on steroids, I was in the front seat putting as much pavement between me and North Face Woman.

 I’m sure NFW is a lovely person and an asset to her Cambridge/Groton/Northampton/Shelburne Falls community. I was taking no chances.


One response to “As Otis Is My Witness: A True Elevator Story

  1. I had a NObama sticker mistaken for the real thing too.
    Although I have been known to wear a NorthFace Coat I assure its only for warmth.

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