Return to La La Land, Part 1

Sorry for the disappearing act! Hubby and I took one last trip for the year. On Monday and Tuesday we returned to the northern towns of La La Land, a.k.a the Berkshires. Driving along Route 2 we eyed some color but the peak has passed in that part of the state. We noticed that the further west one drives, there is an increased number of “Obama Biden” lawn signs. I’m sure the home owners are not worried about rabid McCain supporters ripping their signs down.

Bridge with two LEFT ends.

Bridge with two LEFT ends. Shelburne, MA

Monday was a breathtakingly beautiful day; not a cloud in the sky with a very slight autumn chill. Hubby and I stopped in Shelburne Falls, home to the Bridge of Flowers. I lost count of the number of Obama signs in the windows. Remember, this is a town with cafes, art galleries and yoga studios. What the inhabitants do for work, I haven’t a clue. But they can afford Priuses with the obligatory Obama bumper stickers. (Note: During this entire trip, we made sure to park the car with our “McCain Palin” stickers away from the street. We really like our Toyota Matrix.) Around 12 noon we were feeling like it was Beer O’Clock, so we scanned for a cute watering hole. We found one but we counted 5 Obama window signs facing the street. We got back on the road instead. It’s a shame. Hubby and I have returned to that town on numerous occasions thinking it would be a great place to retire but I don’t think we could fit into the culture. We would be rolling our eyes too much.

Further down Route 2 we veered off to explore the backroads leading to Rowe and Monroe. It’s a whole other world in that corner of the state. It’s an area to live in if you don’t want neighbors. Basically these towns are “blink and you miss” kind of places. Hubby and I found them rather delightful. We meandered our way to Florida…MA. and got back onto Route 2. Once in the working class town of North Adams, we stopped at the Freight Yard Pub for a couple of pints and nachos. We needed nourishment before hitting our destination…Williamstown. But that gets into a whole ‘nother blog entry. In the meantime, visit my Flickr set of the trip.

Greetings from Florida, MA!!!

Greetings from Florida, MA!!!


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