Conservatives Underground

It’s a given that Massachusetts’ electoral votes will be going toward the ONE. The only reason we Massachusettonians (?!?) see national political campaign ads is due to the voters living in southern New Hampshire who watch Boston area t.v. channels. I contribute to the McCain cause with my “McCain Palin” bumper sticker and my Nobama pin, proudly fixed to my EMS carry-all, as seen here.

I like that pin because at first glance it looks like a regular Messiah pin. It usually needs a second take to realize what it actually says and, by then, I’m firmly outside of striking distance. Twice I have gotten complements about it. Once while walking to my Fitchburg train at North Station, Boston and the other time while waiting to cash out at the Salvation Army store in Wareham, MA. In both instances, the complimenter said it in a low voice, in case anyone overhearing would think them a racist. You may think I’m joking. I’m not.

BTW, I’ll be headed up to Laconia, NH to attend the Sarah Palin rally on Wednesday. I know there’s one closer in Salem, NH but that’s in the evening and, unlike most Messiah supporters, I am not independently wealthy or unemployed, so I need to get up early the next day for work. I’ll let you know how it went.

Note: The button can be ordered at


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