Cult of Personality

This morning, I was perusing the old hometown newspaper, The New Bedford Standard Times. Printed on the front page of the Lifestyle section was a large colorful abstract painting. Beneath the painting was an article which took up most of the page: Dartmouth Man Inspired by Obama. (No, we the editors are not biased at all.)


“Obama” by Tom Bob. Ebay selling price: $1,475

The money quote: “By connecting graphic images and symbols, I set out to create a painting that represents the totality of Barack Obama,” Tom Bob said. “My hope is that the viewer’s eye shifts between geometric abstraction and the recognizable images that make up this kaleidoscopic image of Obama.”

I think Tom Bob is the 21 century Da Vinci. He has captured his subject like that famous Italian artist captured the essence…no…the mystery of the Mona Lisa. Tom Bob has captured the vapidness and nothingness that is THE ONE.

Tom Bob is one of thousands who submitted artwork to the Manifest Hope Gallery Contest sponsored by Congrats to Tom Bob for being a finalist in that most illustrious contest. And congrats to me for writing Tom Bob seven times with a straight face.


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