You hear it all the time: Bias in the media! I agree with that and I would add: Bias on Google! I use Google as my main search engine but when searching, I notice an angle.

Type: “Question 1 Massachusetts 2008”

Result: It’s three pages before you find a “Vote Yes” web site. The first 29 links are decidedly “Vote No” links to the AFL-CIO, Mass. Teachers Assoc., Mass. Library group and other special interest groups. The two advertisements on the page are for the opposition and that’s fine if the “Vote Yes” have not bought ads. In fairness, there are at least three links to neutral sites that discuss all the Mass. ballot questions.

Type: “Sarah Palin” rallies

Result: I was looking for future Palin rallies in my area. Out of the 14 links on the first page, 10 are anti-Palin stories. Out of the 10 links on the second page, 6 are anti-Palin stories. So out of 24 links, over half are negative links.

Go ahead. Try it yourself and see what type of links you receive.


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