Oops…HBO Did It Again

A few months back I ranted that HBO turned the perfectly good drama, Rome, into a porn fest by season 2. They’ve done the same thing to my beloved Sookie Stackhouse series. Let me explain…

Charlaine Harris has written a wonderful series of books (8 at last count) based around telepath, Sookie Stackhouse. Sookie lives in Bon Temps, LA and her world is much like ours except that vampires have come out from the dark. A Japanese pharmaceutical company developed synthetic blood, Tru Blood, which has made sucking on the necks of humans (and potentially killing them in the process) obsolete. Or has it?

Along the way vampire politics, werewolves, fairies and shapeshifters flesh out the Sookie Stackhouse world. Yes, she has adult romances and you can’t have vampires and werewolves inhabiting the same universe and not have violence. I’ve read through the series (which I would rate as PG-13) twice and eagerly anticipate each new book. I slap down hard earned cash for the new hard cover edition. There’s no way I can wait for the paperback.

When hearing there was going to be a series based on the books, I was genuinely interested and then I heard it was to be on HBO as True Blood. Damn.

Anna Paquin, of X-Men fame, plays Sookie and she’s o.k. But what the producers have done to the characters…YUCK. In keeping with HBO tradition, the very first scene in the first episode is a sex scene, as graphic as you can get on cable without it being a Playboy production. Come on! I know when adapting a book to screen some changes are necessary but they have characters sleeping with each other who don’t do so in the book. All the characters do is talk about sex and engage in sex. There is so much cool supernatural stuff from the books to keep the series engaging without the raunchy crap. (And the swear words would make Gordon Ramsay blush.) To me this shows a complete lack of talent on the part of the writers and producers.

I watched two episodes praying it would get better but 20 minutes into the third episode, I shut it off. As I mentioned before, the book series is PG-13 but the cable series is R bordering on X. Thanks HBO for ruining another drama.


2 responses to “Oops…HBO Did It Again

  1. If the show was just about Sookie, as in the book, the series would last for 6 to 8 shows. The other characters in the book, had lives too. And by golly, sex does happen!
    Miss notcanadian, did you skip over the sex chapters in the book too??
    Adult romances no, sexsexsex yup!

    Can’t wait to see the sex scenes w/Eric!! How about Alcide, yum!!!!!!!!!

    I’m rather surprised you didn’t say anything about the violence. Lot’s more violence than sex. Never here anyone complain about that. Must be a catholic thing.

    I guess we’re all a bit different, even us protestants. You ought to come back to us! Live the wild side. Loosen up those panties a bit

    I love the series, bring on the fun! Sex, violence and silliness, gotta love it.

    Kisses (and bites!)

  2. O.K. I LOVE the book series and in my imagination I can make it as graphic or not as I see fit. The problem I have with the HBO series is that I thought I was watching Sex in the City.

    The first book does not start out with a sex scene. Right? And the books do not have the characters CONSTANTLY talking about sex. Right? And in the book Tara (who is not foul-mouthed in the book) does not sleep with Sam. Right?
    The violence thing is another thread. I’m just talking about the sex part. Yes, there is that component in the books but not to the extent it’s displayed on t.v.

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