Thoughts on Halloween

I really don’t have a problem with Halloween. Growing up we never got into the ghoulish aspect of the day but me and my brothers were all about the candy. The more chocolate bars in my plastic, orange, pumpkin head (with black, plastic handle), the better the holiday was in my little (nonplastic) adolescent head. I must be a throwback to an earlier time, but I still believe Halloween is a cool holiday for LITTLE KIDS. The closer you are to graduating high school, the more ashamed you should be for dressing up, no matter how creative the costume. 

I sound cranky, I know, but to me the expansion of Halloween celebration into adulthood indicates delayed adult behavior first seen by my Gen X comrades. I really don’t get the “I don’t want to let go of my childhood” psychosis. Hubby totally disagrees with me. He LOVES Halloween though he does not dress up. (THANK GOD!)

I’ve been so out of the loop when it comes to contemporary Halloween “stuff” that I was in for a shocker when I visited the Halloween Outlet in West Boylston, MA. Gone are the days when a sheet (one your mother declared was beyond redemption, never to set foot on any bed again) with two eye holes would suffice.

This place has a make up station, just like Macy’s, where an employee demonstrates how to apply wounds of varying sizes, with or without the nails, bolts, knifes, or meat cleavers sticking out. No need to raid your parent’s closet. Buy a complete kit to be: a hippie, Ben Franklin, naughty nurse, Willem Tell, renaissance woman/man, etc., etc., etc.

The most amazing items were the animatronics. “Krazy Kristen” is a zombie who glides back and forth on a track, shaking her head and screaming. (I wondered how the employees can deal with the recorded screaming and laughing. It must be like living under a flight path.) My favorite animatronic was the projectile vomiting redneck.

It's only $5,600

It's only $5,600

So, what will I be doing for Halloween? Visiting the in-laws as they distribute candy to the neighborhood kids. My brothers-in-law are planning a fright show involving chainsaws and detached limbs for the little princesses and Iron Mans walking up the driveway. I will be dressed up, as I have been for over 20 years, as a Canadian.


3 responses to “Thoughts on Halloween

  1. What, no projectile-vomiting Kennedy?

  2. Really notacanadian, ya gots to loosen up a bit!!

  3. Really, lornalou, I love the trappings of Halloween. I just have a thing against ADULTS dressing up. That’s all!

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