Harrington Trail, Wachusett

Harrington Trail, Wachusett

A glorious Autumn day in Massachusetts deserves a vigorous hike. Hubby and I took to the backroads of Leominster and Princeton and parked at the Harrington Trailhead for a quick hike up Mt. Wachusett. During the hour up the trail, we breathed in clean, crisp air, saw a garden snake, waited for “traffic” to pass while crossing Summit Road, and lingered on the summit.

While lingering we were treated to 360 degree clear views of Boston, Worcester, Mt. Greylock and Mt. Monadnock. There were clusters of color but mostly it’s still green in central Mass. A few people had similar thoughts and were enjoying the views as much as we were.

Hiking down, Hubby and I reminisced the last time we hiked Wachusett: our second date in January 2006. Snow and ice covered the ground and the air was foggy. There were no views from the top except the view of each other wondering if this relationship was going to go any where…

More hike pics over at Flickr.


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