I attended my first political rally! There wasn’t one Che Guevara t-shirt. Not one act of civil disobedience. Not one CHANGE or HOPE sign. Not one. Instead, I saw two people with tea bags hanging from their hats and another with a small U.S. flag sticking out from his hat with the sign, “Hell Yes Question 1.”  This rally at Faneuil Hall supported the elimination of the Massachusetts state income tax, aka Question 1.

This is a grassroots movement spearheaded by Libertarian Carla Howell. (BTW, I shook her hand.) A few years back this question was on the ballot and garnered 45% of the vote. That’s over 1 million voters who wanted to decrease goverment waste.

The rally was two hours long and, by far, the most interesting part was the first two speakers. Talk radio host, Michael Graham, gave a rousing, funny speech. (I met him, too. Boy, …he’s a tall dude.) My favorite line:

The Commonwealth: too small for a republic and too large for an insane asylum.

He voiced what we all know: Governor Deval Patrick’s talk for reducing police details and eliminating the Turnpike Authority will stop if Question 1 fails.

Carla Howell followed up with a crowd pleasing tearing up of the state income tax forms. Nice touch of political theater. There were a number of other speakers and they each passionately argued the need to pass Question 1.

The two weeks prior to the November election, the opposition (with a $1 million war chest bankrolled by teacher and government unions) will be running scare tactic ads (SCHOOLS WILL CLOSE! CAN’T HIRE POLICEMEN! BRIDGES WILL COLLAPSE). When Question 1 passes, $1 out of $7 remaining tax dollars will pay for roads, education, fire and police. The remaining $7 can be used as prioritized. Students will have textbooks. 911 will still be available. Simply put, when the money runs out, stop spending. The state will still have over $35 BILLION to spend.

NEVER FORGET: $22 billion was spent for 7 miles of Big Dig roads/tunnels. That’s $150,000 a square inch.

Support Question 1. Do not be brow beaten by special interest groups who will lose funding. Massachusetts has plenty of other revenue streams to keep itself afloat: property taxes, excise taxes, tobacco taxes, beer/wine taxes, permit fees, registration fees, the lottery…

Check out these sites for more info on Question 1 and my pics of the rally:

Small Government News | Vote YES on Question 1


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