Food, Glorious Food

In the midst of Massachusett’s tax-free holiday in August, I bought Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. Oh my…it’s one of the best cookbooks I have ever used. I am not a creative cook, so I need a recipe when in the kitchen. I have made at least five meals using Bittman’s tome and every one was a gem. Bittman has a whole line of cookbooks, so if vegetarianism isn’t your thing, he’s got meaty recipes, too.

Have you noticed how expensive hummus has become? I’ve made my own batches for awhile but when I tried Bittman’s recipe, it tastes just like Cedar’s or Tribe’s. The clincher for me was the Butternut Pesto Lasagna I cooked last night. Yikes! It was dreamy. If I wasn’t already married, I’d be engaged right now!

A cookbook quirk of mine is writing down the date when I tried the recipe and anything I did differently or if the recipe didn’t come out (ie. “too dry” or “needs more oregano”) the way it should.

Cooking Crib Notes
Cooking Crib Notes

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