Shut the Faucet



Recently I apologized to Hubby because I left the kitchen faucet running. It wasn’t gushing but there was a steady drip, drip, drip. It needed a good, strong twist. Massachusetts state government also needs a good, strong twist to stop wasteful spending. The November ballot will include Question 1, the elimination of the state income tax. Voting “YES” is the twist.

I’ll be attending the October 4th Question 1 Rally at Faneuil Hall, Boston. I have never attended a political rally before, so I’m rather excited to attend this one. If you’re a MA resident who voluntarily checks off the higher income tax rate on your state forms (and less than 3% of you do), this event isn’t for you. But if you are sick of the weekly news items of Beacon Hill’s pork barrel spending, come to the Cradle of Liberty on October 4. Doors open at 12 pm. See you there! (And vote YES on Question 1.)


4 responses to “Shut the Faucet

  1. If I were still there, I’d BE there!

    We have our own Question 1 to repeal a recent tax on beverages which fund Maine’s failed Dirigo Health system:

    Yes to Repeal! Yes on 1!!

  2. Down here, the opposition has over 1 million dollars (money from teachers and trade unions from out-of-state) to spend on advertising. The ballot question for eliminating the income tax is entirely grassroots-driven.

  3. Working for the school system, my vote will not be a popular one. Wish I could be there on tbe 4th.

  4. I can understand your vote, Mom. We “cynics” believe that teacher unions, who are bankrolling the opposition to Question 1, are more concerned about their salary and pay raises than funding going to actually educating our children. Sorry, but that’s my general feeling.

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