Make My Day

Have you ever been to a hockey game? Like other sports, the game is much more exciting “in person” than on t.v. I remember my first Bruins game at the Garden. The local boys lost but I witnessed my first rolling body. Yup, I saw some dude rolling down the stairs in the upper section. THAT’S HOCKEY!

Hubby is the real Bruins fan. Whenever I have a question, I go to him for the answer. His lament for the club is the same as other Bruins fans: the (out of state) owner won’t spend money on players. Not to say that there are not glimpses of brilliance.

Last year during a regular season game, the gold and black were fighting for a playoff spot. An opposing team’s goal was stopped by the bodies of at least 5 Bruins piled on top of each other. Clearly, they were hungry. Phil Kessel sailing down the ice to score a goal against the Canadiens during the playoffs was delightful. But, as we well know, the Canadiens left the Boys behind holding their sticks. (The Quebecois were later eliminated. Merci Dieu.)

How well are the Bruins prospects this year? Hubby has hope but nothing more. I don’t have an opinion but the Bruins are hoping and isn’t this presidential election year all about hope and change?

Oh, really?

Oh, really?


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