Where’s My Rubber Ducky?

Yesterday Hubby and I visited my folks down in southeastern MA. We love checking out antique stores, so my Mom suggested visiting a salvage store in New Bedford. These folks, New England Demolition & Salvage, rip out the cool architectural stuff like banisters, doors, windows and sinks from buildings before tearing them down or turning them in minimalist luxury condos.

I can not even begin to describe all the neat stuff we saw (a train ticket booth, a humungous bar complete with back mirror, fantastic wood work columns and 10 taps). Just before we left, an employee encouraged us to check out the second floor, “It’s a real treat.” And she was right.

I'm in the middle!

Can you find me?


2 responses to “Where’s My Rubber Ducky?

  1. For the love of Jeff!! Well, it’s a good thing we know about this place now… AFTER we’re too far along in our renovation for it to be useful!! Crap… and I was so proud of our “rare” clawfoot tub.

  2. This place was too cool! If you makes you feel better, I didn’t see one clawfoot on the floor.

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