Charlie vs. Charles

The overload of ant-Palin venom is making me quite sick of the whole thing. That being said, all this makes me think that she was the right pick for McCain.
Democrats get Orange Juice

Democrats get Orange Juice

When hearing that Charles Gibson won the prize for conducting the ‘first’ interview, I remembered “Charlie” Gibson, the t.v. news personality I grew up watching on Good Morning America. He was the nice guy with the warm smile doing cooking episodes with the latest celebrity chef and broadcasting the occasional serious piece of news. I believed Charlie would be fair, ask tough questions but allow Palin to say her bit.


Republicans get Bile

Republicans get Bile

I watched the interview shown on the Thursday, 6:30 p.m. newscast of ABC World News Tonight. Yes, Palin seemed a little tense and some of her answers sounded like talking points but I imagine she was guarded considering the recent media hits on her. “Charlie” wasn’t interviewing her. It was “Charles” grilling her in a grim, condescending manner. I was disappointed with his tone and demeanor. Was he interviewing a VP nominee or an unrepentent convict guilty of murdering innocent children?

Again, the media did not give Palin a fair shake. The interview said more about the interviewer than the interviewee, confirming what I’ve been thinking for a while: the main stream media is DEAD.


3 responses to “Charlie vs. Charles

  1. It’s all about perspective and perception. Objectivity is lost when we are fed an attitude rather than information. When misguided brainiacs at the Algonquin roundtable spin their perception of what “news” should be, and assign a pin headed pontificating pundit to discuss “useless information supposed to fire my imagination” we all lose. Just give me some truth. Sometimes it’s a surprise to me that we can communicate at all.

  2. If you think the Gibson interview could be described as “grim” or “grilling” you should try watching an interview on a network that’s actually interested in serious journalism, like the BBC.

    Seriously, if you really think that Gibson was playing hardball with Palin, I just don’t know what to say. Anything you might construe as “condescending” is Gibson asking follow-up questions that amount to “Is that really what you mean?” when she says something about going to war with Russia or invading Pakistan. Nearly all his opening questions are favors to Palin, giving her chances to expound upon her credentials.

    He asked her if she supported the Bush Doctrine, and she clearly didn’t know what it is. He didn’t let her slip out of it, but he certainly would have been within the realm of fair journalism to directly ask “Governor, do you know what the Bush Doctrine is?” He didn’t.

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