Home Away from Home

I work for a federal agency that operates a visitor center in the middle of Boston, MA. Every day I get asked the same five questions; one of which is, “Where’s Cheers?” Even though it’s been off the air for over a dozen years, there is something about Cheers that attracts people; a welcoming place with welcoming people. A second family.

Hubby and I have that place, O’Connor’s in Worcester, MA. It is a restaurant/bar with a family aura. Hubby was a regular for years and then introduced me. It has a cherry wood bar, with lots of taps lined around the walls. The ubiquitious JFK bust overlooks the bar, along with signs touting “Freckin’ Irish Whiskey” and “If Irish eyes are smiling, they’re up to no good.” The bartenders lean toward the outgoing female…not the Hooter’s type, but just the nice, customer-friendly type.

O’Connor’s holds a special place in my heart because it’s where Hubby (then “just” a boyfriend) said, “I love you” for the very first time. (And it wasn’t after downing three drinks, either!) Even then, O’Connor’s was a spot to chill and talk about anything.

O’Connor’s has an incredible draft beer selection. Where else can you get:

* Beamish on tap? O’Connor’s.

* Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale? O’Connor’s.

* Wexford Cream Ale? O’Connor’s.

I love that they are closed on Sundays (except for Mother’s Day and around the T-Giving/Christmas holidays).

If you live in central MA, or are just passing through, take Route 12 or exit 4 off Rt. 290. It will become your place, too.


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