For over 35 years, feminists, like those from NOW, have been telling three generations of women that you can have it all…wife…mother…AND A CAREER. If you do choose to be a stay-at-home mom, you are hopelessly neanderthal (or at least your husband. He must have forced you to stay home).

The vitriol coming from the Left on Sarah Palin is beyond reality and shows how concerned they are over her candidacy. “How can she be a mom and a governor?” “She endangered her son when she flew home to give birth.” Be honest, if Sarah was a democrat, this would be a non-issue and NOW would give her their support. But she stands for the “wrong” issues, so no support from them.

McCain did what Obama wouldn’t do. McCain has given America an example of a strong female leader, who with the support of a loving husband and family (with real life problems, no doubt) has proven capable of executive decisions, will shut up her critics and give real hope to women who don’t fit the NOW mold.

I am one of those women.

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6 responses to “Unbelievable

  1. What I am shocked about is how many liberals are more favorable now to the Republican ticket because of a woman in the VP slot. I wish people would vote because of what they believe in (ie. their politics) rather than whether the candidate is male, female, black, white, fat or skinny, ugly pretty!

    I grew up in London

  2. wooops, got cut off there.

    …I grew up in London when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister, so while I’m glad women are finally making a real difference in the political scene here, I would never vote for someone just because of their gender.

  3. I agree with you that people should vote because of issues, not gender. I am conservative and I was not excited about Hillary because I did not agree with most of her policies. Same with Obama – honestly his ideas are too left for me.

    I was reluctantly voting for McCain. He made some choices as Senator that I disagreed. I am excited about Palin because I agree (with what I have read so far) with her past decisions and policies.

    I don’t believe that most Hilliary supporters will automatically move to the McCain/Palin ticket because of Palin’s gender. But those American women who are middle-class, working moms who are straddling the fence and/or define themselves as independents are going to give Palin a fair shake.

  4. I was thoroughly enjoying watching the left make their party’s nomination/coronation process – and, eventually, the general election – a referendum on which one would inevitably be America’s greater sin: Sexism or Racism. Because no one could possibly be voting for anyone based on ideas or qualifications, but only against someone else because of bigotry.

    And so I think the left’s assumption of cynicism on McCain’s part, as though he’s hoping to scoop up single-issue women voters, is far more telling of their own mindset. Not only do I find it not entirely shocking that some women on the Left will, in fact, vote for a woman just because she’s a woman, as the party hoped they would with Clinton, but the excitement about Palin on the Right shows that her gender, far from being the problem Dems had hoped it would be in the “good-ol’-boy GOP”, is a huge benefit.

    The only cynics are those on the Left who insist that we’re the cynics.

    Sorry… ran long. Maybe I should have made this my own blog post!

  5. now, lets be honest about this, why did mccain choose palin? not once did her name come up on anyones radar as a v.p. choice. i am glad that mccain has chosen someone “unheard of”, however, i am still unclear as to why her. not looking to get into a left-right, feminist-chauvinist debate here, but what was mccains motivation in choosing mrs. palin?

  6. Before McCain’s pick, Hubby and I talked about three potential VPs: Romney, Bobby Jindal and, believe or not, Palin. We both liked Palin but Hubby really liked her. I thought it would be Romney.
    All these names were discussed in the conservative blogosphere so if these nitwits in the main stream media had been doing their jobs, they would have known that too. We were not shocked at the name, because we knew her record, but we were shocked that McCain actually picked her.
    Palin, obviously being female (though the New York Times might report otherwise), was choosen mostly to soothe social conservatives in the Party and to show independents that this is a strong REFORM ticket. I like her because she is unabashedly a conservative.

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