Calling Gordon Ramsay

All of you know that my top fave show is Ghost Hunters (new season starts September 3!!!) and my second fave is Cash in the Attic. My third fave is BBC’s Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. The premise of this “reality show” is that a restaurant (usually snooty and overpriced) is failing and they call in GORDON RAMSAY to save bistro/pub/fine dining experience.

Horatio Alger would be proud of Gordon’s life story.  Struggling Scottish lad whose football (Oops…”soccer”) career ended at the age of 19, so he entered the culinary world and became a GIANT. Martha Stewart has nothing on this guy. Publisher of books, owner of U.S. and U.K. restaurants and culinary schools, and provider of Plane Food Picnics (ah…whatever). Just check out his web site to see how fabulous he really is.

Shirtless Cook Alert!

Shirtless Chef Alert!

I love Gordon’s show because he is able to pinpoint exactly what’s going wrong (lazy chef, poor waitstaff, naive owner) and sets them straight. He stresses simplicity in the food and good customer service and he communicates this while cursing. Usually every 8th word is bleaped out. There is at least one gratuitous scene when Gordon takes his shirt off. And he ain’t wearing a t-shirt underneath.

While in resort town Jackson, NH, Hubby and I had our own Kitchen Nightmare. Imagine walking into a restaurant while it’s still the summer season. The place is 15% full and you wait 10 minutes to be seated but since you’ve been driving for three hours, you are grateful for anything. Another 15 minutes goes by before you get your drinks and then another 20 minutes before you order. Once your order is placed, you look around and notice that not many other tables have food and those that do…it’s salad.

The waitress places a basket of bread on the table. You attack it like a rabid liberal protestor attacks a Fox News reporter. You note that the bread is homemade and quite good. 20 minutes later your scallops with seasonal vegetables arrives…it’s scruptious. Your partner’s chicken and eggplant over liguine is equally delicious. The list of desserts is attractive but since the service was so slow, the thought of getting back to the hotel before midnight is more attractive.

I won’t say the name of the place, but here’s the link to their web site. The food was excellent but make no plans for the rest of the night.


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