I’m Back!

Pinkham Notch. Aug 26, '08.

Pinkham Notch. Aug 26

Did you miss me? Hubby and I spent three days up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The weather was fabulous and the beer was fantastic. I’ll blog more about it in bits and pieces over the next few days. (Don’t want to blab all at once!)

Let me just say that Autumn is right around the corner…Sam’s Oktoberfest is on tap and the leaves are changing.

In the meantime, check out my Flickr pics of the trip.


4 responses to “I’m Back!

  1. As soon as I saw the picture above on your Flickr, I thought, “Huh, that looks like the beginning of the trail up Mt. Washington…” That’s so cool!! I hiked up twice, but down only once. Long story…

  2. Seeing the autumn colors must be like a time travel expedition into the future. Did you climb to any peaks and touch snow? Another sign of thing to come!

  3. No snow on Mt. Washington but earlier in the day there was freezing fog…whatever that means?!?

  4. Now I know who to give the “Chock Full Of Nuts “can too. Nice pics….;0)

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