Live Free and Smoke

I lived in New Hampshire for just over two years and during that time I saw the Democratic controlled legislature, with the willing hand of Democrat Governor John Lynch, slowly changing the ethos of the Granite State. Efforts to implement sales and income taxes were discussed. The official motto, “Live Free or Die,” was taken off the highway welcome signs. Thankfully, the motto was reinstated after a huge outcry from the teeming masses. It seems that my beloved state is becoming another Massachusetts (and Maine and Vermont).

Readin' & Smokin'

If it's good enough for Mark Twain...

But not all is lost; there are a few who are bucking the trend. NH banned smoking from public buildings/businesses about two years ago. Smoker Paul Radion ownes a bookstore in Newport, NH. Paul wanted to work and smoke at the same time. So, he turned his bookstore into a private club, getting around the nanny state law.  For a measley one time, lifetime fee of 25 cents, members can peruse the shelves and light up.

“This country was founded on codfish and tobacco,” he said. “If it hadn’t been for those exports, we may have remained a wilderness and a colony for many years.” – Paul Radion

Business for Paul has increased 10 percent over the last 8 months. I don’t smoke but I say good for him! LIVE FREE AND SMOKE! Hat tip to the Union Leader.


One response to “Live Free and Smoke

  1. Great for Paul…just goes to show there is a market for suicide and he gets to go with his friends….maybe not all at the same time….we all have our vices…as long as we don’t impose them on others against their will….let the goodtimes roll….;0)

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