Look Like A Sommelier

Good and Cheap!

Good and Cheap!

It seems like I’m always writing about beer. Well, I do like my beer but I partake in grape libations as well. When it comes to wine, I have a method of choosing:

* Under $25 (Yup, I’m cheap.)
* Interesting label graphic (Yup, I’m shallow.)
* In English (Yup, I’m a scaredy-cat. I need to know what I’m drinkin’.)

This method introduced me to a great wine that is most excellent. Going to a dinner party and don’t know what to bring? Sitting at a moderately fancy restaurant and can’t choose which beverage to order? Have a wine snob friend who goes on and on and on about this wine and that and you just want him to SHUT UP?

I have three words: 3 Blind Moose 

I’ve tried all their varieties and have never been disappointed. Plus, a bottle is priced under $10. Sweet.


One response to “Look Like A Sommelier

  1. I had a friend who recommended getting the second>/i> cheapest wine on the menu when getting wine in a restaurant. I forget what the logic was, other than it wasn’t the cheapest. Of course, when you realize that the price you pay for the first glass pays for the whole bottle, drinking at home seems a lot more appealing!

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