My Other Fave Show

So you all know that my fave show is Ghost Hunters. (NOT Ghost Hunters International. Yuck!) My second favorite show is BBC’s Cash in the Attic. Hosted by metro(?)sexual Alistair Appleton, dozens of Britons a year can go on holiday to EuroDisney, replant their gardens, or build a sauna because the CitA crew found crap in their cottages worth hundreds of pounds at auction.

To be fair, most of the stuff isn’t found in the attic, but in their cluttered garages or china cabinets that haven’t been opened in years because of all the CRAP in them. Most of the people are baby boomers who are at least smart enough to sell their own stuff and not go into debt. Host Appleton doesn’t know a damn thing about antiques but the BBC knows who’s into them and so gave the audience what they want. (Wink. Wink. Nod. Nod.)

Loves Staffordshire creamware and walks on the beach.

Loves Staffordshire creamware and walks on the beach.

CitA has a couple of REAL antique experts come in to find stuff while Appleton smiles and smirks. The best of the experts is Jonty Hearndon (that’s him on the left). He’s usually spot on when it comes to stating estimated value and he’s genuinely happy when the sellers hit their target. (“You now have £500 to install your second Loo. Congratulations!”)

The real excitement comes at auction. Will that Blue Willow butter dish come in over it’s estimate at £150? Will the first edition of His Dark Materials hit the mark? Seriously, I’m at the end of the couch every Saturday morning in anticipation. And you can too!


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