The Only Way To Cross

This is a shout out to my Augusta Brother. Yup, he’s into antique cars and clocks but growing up he was (and still is) interested in ocean liners. Pleeze…he was into the Titantic before Leonardo. He had (has) tons of books on the subject.

One year I gave him a Christmas present of a tiny, black & white photo of an ocean liner docked in New York City, probably taken with an old Brownie camera in the 1930s. I couldn’t read the ship’s name but it was a neat little gem. (I put the photo into a spiffy, deep set frame). He cracked open one of his books and was able to identify it as an Italian liner sunk during WWII. Even today, Augusta Brother can glance at a photo and tell you what liner it is and give it’s history.

Because of him, I, then a lowly 5th grader,  was able to tell sister ships, Olympic and Titantic, apart. Can you?

(L) Olympic, (R) Titantic

Which is the Olympic and which is the Titantic?



2 responses to “The Only Way To Cross

  1. what a well written and concise blog entry. i am so pleased that my knowledge has filtered down and done some good. keep up the good work.

  2. Ok…I’ll bite. I think the Titanic is on the right.

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