Martha’s Vineyard…Why Go?

Where can you pay a 30% mark-up on everything? Martha’s Vineyard!

Where can you get the Boston Globe and New York Times delivered to your seaside manse? Martha’s Vineyard!

Where can you spend $4.47 for gas? Martha’s Vineyard!

Where can you see what Cape Cod would be like as an island? Martha’s Vineyard!

For the last four years, I’ve taken the New Bedford ferry to Martha’s Vineyard to bike around the island with Swansea Brother, a.k.a. Roller Derby Brother.

We visit every VJ Day. (The second Monday in August is “Victory over Japan Day,” a state holiday in Rhode Island. I love this holiday because it’s so un-P.C.)

Don’t get me wrong… MV is a lovely place (Life is Good store in Vineyard Haven!). But the only reason I go is to spend time with my brother and this year I got to chill with my kick-butt niece.

Nantucket is a playground for the wealthy and MV is not far behind but you can still do family stuff and get in a nice 65 mile bike ride to boot! Check out more photos from the MV ride.

Kick-Butt Niece on the Right.

Kick-Butt Niece on the right.


2 responses to “Martha’s Vineyard…Why Go?

  1. Aw, cute! And P.S., I love that you’re wearing a cycling jersey that advertises BEER!

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