Ogunquit is La-La Land

I’m sure every state in the union has a town where all the artists cluster. For example in MA, I can think of Provincetown as a place where the painters chill out. In Maine I would say it was Ogunquit for all the THEATRE ARTISTS (notice the correct BRITISH “…TRE” spelling, not that provincial spelling which really separates the amateurs from the professionals).

I spent less than two hours in Broadway-by-the-Bay, but I noticed a few things:

* Obligatory “Life Is Good” store located in what was once a fisherman’s home. (Nice touch!)

Happy Chickens in La-La Land

Happy Chickens in La-La Land

* GREEN, ORGANIC, GREEN, ORGANIC. Even the chickens are happy!

* Sanctuary – a boutique in an old church building. You can still see the altar. I saw all the expensive, chi-chi items arranged artistically around the Lord’s Table. Very hip. I’m sure the 10 year old chinese kids making that pottery which looks like it was made up the road, are so proud. (I did look at the pottery labels – MADE IN CHINA.)

  * We can’t have trash bins that LOOK look like trash bins messing up our boucolic village. We must place the bins in gray, wooden receptacles and place wording on them to make people THINK. I was inspired to IMAGINATION, PERSISTENCE, and DILIGENCE.



 If only we could all (afford to) live in La-La Land…


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