Wells Beach, the French (Canadian) Riviera

I just got back from the Pine Tree State. I never knew that Quebec was only 2 hours from Leominster. Seriously, I had NO IDEA that Quebeckers flock to southern Maine. York, Wells, and Old Orchard Beaches are inundated (right now!) by those pale, funny talkin’ foreigners. In the motel parking lot nearly half the cars exclaimed, “Je me souviens.”


Here is some free investment advice: Don’t open a seafood restaurant or a mini golf park. Open yourself a franchise of poutine shacks from Kittery to Cape Elizabeth. The Canadian dollar is kickin’ George’s butt at the moment. Those frenchies are in hockey withdrawal and their loonies are just burning a hole in their speedos.


One response to “Wells Beach, the French (Canadian) Riviera

  1. Thanks a lot. Now I’m craving poutine.

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