Secret Life

Not only do I have an Augusta brother but I also have a Swansea, MA brother who is a mild mannered marine outboard engine mechanic. Excuse me…he’s a KICK-BUTT marine outboard engine mechanic; big name outboard engine companies (either Evinrude or Johnson, I can’t remember) send him their beta models to test. He’s the father of three teenagers. (Pray for him.) He also loves to bike ride. I had no clue he was into it until after I got into the hobby. We’ve had some nice bike adventures together.

But recently I learned something about him that made me laugh out loud.

He’s seven years older than me so I never really hung out with him as a kid but I remember when roller skating was all the rage. When he didn’t have his nose in a motor, Swansea brother went to Lincoln Park, just down the road from our Dartmouth, MA house, to shake his booty on eight wheels. Now those weekends of skating around in an oval for hours at a time has paid off. My brother is AN HONEST-TO-GOODNESS ROLLER DERBY REFEREE!!!

Looks like fun!


Two women noticed my brother skating with his kids at a roller rink in Rhode Island. They thought he was a good skater and approached him. Being the old, married man, Brother got slightly nervous at their uninvited advancement but when they explained that they thought he would be a great referee at their games, he calmed down. He took their business card, gave it some thought, and never looked back. Brother has a great time and that’s cool by me.

P.S. The Boston area derby league has an all star team called the “Boston Massacres.” Love it!


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