Baby Showers Ain’t So Bad

Hip Baby Favors

Hip Baby Favors

I’ll be 38 in three days and in those (nearly) 38 years I’ve attended many baby showers. The last one I attended was at least eight years ago. Yea, most of my girlfriends married and did the child thing in the Clinton Administration. But not all. A dear friend from my undergraduate days will be a first time mother next month and today was her shower.

Mother-to-be, JR, is the same age as me, as was most of the ladies attending the event. (Though there was a fair share of older and wiser women, too.) I noticed a difference between this shower and those of showers past. Those celebrating showers in their 20’s, the talk is all about BABIES, BABIES, BABIES. This one, where most of the women were older and their kids were toddler or beyond, the talk was mostly NOT about babies. I think that had to do with the amount of Pinot Grigio and Chardonney being downed.

There was the obligatory shower games. Using JR and (Father-to-be) A’s names as an acrostic, we had to come up with as many baby-related words which started with letters from their names. Whoever matched the most words to JR’s list of words, won. Well, as a newlywed with not a lot of baby experience, I was sh*% out of luck. For example, JR has an “E” in her name. Most people answered, “Enfamil.” (You know…the baby formula.) I answered, “Excrement,” because that’s what babies do. I didn’t win.

But I did win in the meeting-new-people-game. Here’s a shout out to Liz from Haverhill, “Hi, Liz!!!” She was super cool and needs to invite me to brunch once JR can drink alcohol again. Another shout out to Ananka (She didn’t look like an ancient Egyptian and I’m sure she doesn’t spell her name the way I did.) I’m hoping her toddler Parker goes to MIT and makes lots of money.

It was a great day greeting old friends and meeting new ones. I’ll need to have one of these parties some day. 😉 Check out my Flickr page for more shower scenes.

Where's my organic binky?

Where's my organic binky?


3 responses to “Baby Showers Ain’t So Bad

  1. I found this post unusually amusing… of course, I was at the all-male Shower Widowers’ Cookout, eating tasty grilled meats and drinking beer, so I missed out on the acrostics and Pinot. Oh well.

    –The baby-daddy 😉

  2. (Oops… I meant to say “especially”, not “unusually.” Your blog is a good read all the time.)

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